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8 November
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My name is Loren, and I am an addict of various things. Including RP. You might see me around a game or two as Shinjiro, Alucard, Sunao, and Keats currently. I'm an old man at heart and also off my rocker. I like long walks in weird places and stalking your mom on ice cold nights. My health is godawful. Apparently my genetic code spells out 'fuck you,' and so I'm always dying of something.

I liek manga. Such as Trigun, One Piece, Broken Angels, Angel Sanctuary, Alichino, Demon Diary, Petshop of Horrors, Kodocha, and enough others to fill a damn online manga site. My favorites tend to be beautiful art style + soulful angst and cracky stuff. Bonus if there's both. ... That's probably why Trigun is first on this list.

I also liek video games. Persona 3 (and Shin Megami anything,) Final Fantasy, Fire Emblem, Goldeneye (yes it's old, yes it will always be my favorite thing ever,) Mario Kart, Dragon Age, and mostly any in depth RPG stuff.

I love reading/writing scifi/fantasy original stuff too. My favorite authors of that are Anne Bishop, Ursula LeGuin, Storm Constantine, Jacqueline Carey, Lynn Flewelling and Marion Zimmer Bradley. I'm sure I'm forgetting some awesomeness in there somewhere.

My pokemanz, let me show you them: