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It's about time for this


I won't bite. Pls comment if you'd like to be added, but... otherwise most of this will be locked from here on out.

This journal contains:
1. IDK rants
2. Rp stuff
3. Lots of pictures
4. Introspection and other random BS
5. Meme thingers?
6. Maybe creative stuff if I ever get around to putting that in here.

floating in from some distant place

It's been awhile, guys. Sorry about that. Happy New year! To those I don't see around Plurk and all. I should really post moar on here.

Maybe I'll make that a New Years resolution. I didn't come up with any otherwise. Kinda feel like it's pointless, some of the things I want to do are impossible, etc. But that really isn't.

I'm home sick as hell today o/

So how are you guys??

Coat tiem! Shinjiro arrives! 8)

Best birthday present ever! Ever, seriously. The Aiko hath sent me a Shinjiro coat, and it is awesome indeed.

Now, have some Shinji. Whether he likes it or not.


Walk gayly and carry a big stickCollapse )

It's another dreamwalk

Temperature is finally dropping around here /o/ I hope it sticks low. I went out today and the air was clear, the sun bright but not hot for once. And I got some gorgeous pictures too!

Sharing time as usual...come walk with me.


Also there is one spider and other insects, per usual warning. I'm keeping back 99.9% of my spiders for their own post.

This is where my soul spills outCollapse )

Shambling forest adventures with da lorenz

I managed to quietly amass an f-ton of forest pictures over the past week or so. I know I don't post here often anymore, but I hope you enjoy the pics anyway. I'd take ya all on walks around here if I could.

Also there is one very very tiny spider. I spent a loooong time trying to get a pic of it, so I had to put it in there. I kept the other ones out for a post of their own though. Look for that sooonish.~


In wild lands of falling starsCollapse )

Stolened from thunderstorm_96

When you read this, you're tagged. Take a picture of you in your current state, no changing your clothes or quickly putting on makeup. NO PHOTOSHOP. Show your f-list the real you!


1st we have Severus Snape looking upside down me.


And then needs a fucking haircut me.

Everyone do this. I wanna see watchu look like. 8)

Selling stuff~

It's housecleanin' tiem! I've got artbooks and strategy guides and other shit I need to get rid of. I have a pile to stick on ebay already but I'm fence sitting on a few things. Lemme know if anyone's interested:

Kingdom Hearts:
KH 1 Japanese artbook, visual arts collection.
386/2 Days post cards.
386/2 Strategy guide.
Kh 2 Strategy Guide.

Shin Megami Tensei
Persona 4 Strategy guide.
Devil Summoner (1) Strategy guide.

Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Strat Guides (1 and 2)
Pokemon Battle Revolution Strat Guide.
The Ultimate National Pokedex.

Newtype (a few issues)
Shoujo Beat (a few issues)

Final Fantasy
Final Fantasy VII (game, green label)
Final Fantasy VIII (game and strategy guide)
Final Fantasy IX (game)
Final Fantasy III Strategy Guide
Final Fantasy Tactics (PSP) Strategy Guide

Other Strat Guides
Eternal Sonata
Suikoden (IV, V, and Tactics)
Fire Emblem (Shadow Dragon, Path of Radiance, Radiant Dawn)
Wild Arms (4 and 5)

Other Artbooks
Dynasty Warriors 4 (Japanese edition)
Juvenile Orion (Realm of Light)

As Fall struggles to be born...

If you were in the mood, have some photos from my recent forest rambles. These contain strange things, bright lights, and insects (no spiders or froggies today, but there are pretty moth and beetle things.)


Can you see the fairy in the above picture? B)

The gilded light that paints the worldCollapse )

P3 Social Link Iconset(s!)

The P3 Social Link Icon Project!!

Here you'll find (most) of the social link characters in Persona 3. I didn't have art for one or two, and another one or two have so much art! I tried to do sets of the harder to find characters, when I could. Quite a few of them have a full fifteen! Art is a mix between official and fanart in most cases.

I also included the 2 new girls in P3P and Ikutsuki and Kirijo-san from P3.

(It's on my icon community failicons  but I wanted to put it here too. Mostly because I'm so damned proud of finishing this thing. Also if any of you wanted to grab social link icons for any reason idk.)

Social links (and other rare shinies) below!Collapse )

Doorway to another world

It's been awhile since I posted my forest wanderings~ This week, I stumbled into a fairy ring of mushrooms and watched families of beetles gorge on daisies. The sky was on fire or heavy dark with rainclouds...or dark and bright. I found some unusual bugs I've never seen before.

Also, no spiders in this one. I'm saving them up for another post all their own. There is also a froggy in this 8\

Life springs eternal from the corner of your eyeCollapse )


it's all good

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